Thursday, June 2, 2011

My 2 Cents: Whats up with Music?

For those who know me understand that I'm not a very serious person. I do have serious moments and deep conversations from time to time but I try to live a healthy/care free lifestyle. Stress free! My show "My 2 Cents" is unscripted and off the top of the dome. I basically just get in front of a camera and topics are thrown at me. I'm usually not prepared to speak on these topics but I tackle them anyway. That's what makes "My 2 Cents" so honest and fun in my opinion. I say whatever's on my mind. Even if it's the wrong thing to say. Half the time I'm just rambling and that's interesting enough. As a human I'm FAR from being perfect and M2C reflects that. No teleprompter. No script. No hype. No producer. Just me and a Canon Rebel T2i.

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