Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My New Album Nostalgia RED is Available!

Today my project Nostalgia RED was released via all major online music stores! It feels really good to finally let this one go! I know God has some great things in store for me and my music and I'm very thankful that I have the opportunity to not only make music but release it for the world and my peers to hear.

For those of you who miss the "golden era " of hip hop (Biggie, 2 Pac, Nasty Nas, Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-One, Gang Starr, Black Moon, Wu-Tang etc) my project Nostalgia RED is for you!

NR is actually my first hip hop release and I feel it's some of my best work. After having several conversations  with associates and good friends, I realized that people are missing the good ole' days of music. People are yearning for something nostalgic and I thought, "Why am I not creating something musically for these people to listen to"? The people are the reason I created NR. This one is for all of you 25 and over fans of hip hop. I really think you'll enjoy! 

Click here to get Nostalgia Red on iTunes

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Click here to download Nostalgia Red from JahahOnline.com

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