Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Little Red Box: Why Didn't I Think Of It?

This little Red Box has changed my movie watching life! I use to wait for certain movies to reach Blockbuster and then rent them for $4.00 instead of taking a risk on seeing them at the movie theater for $50.00 (a little exaggeration but not really). 

Now I wait for movies I'm skeptical about seeing in the theater and rent them for $1.00 at the little Red Box in Walmart. One whopping American dollar and you too can enjoy a movie you think might be a bust! Why didn't I think of the Red Box?

That leads me to this: The older I get, the more I realize I need to diversify myself. I love music and I'll continue to make music as long as God allows me to. I figure I'm not going to get into the clothing business to try to become the next Sean John but I may take a stab at a few other things. I just don't know what as of right now. I've been thinking hard about "the void" in peoples lives. What do people need that they don't already have? How can I take an existing ideal and make it better?

I figure everybody and their mama is a rapper and/or a producer. Everybody is a model or an actor (actress). It's hard to stand out when everybody is dropping a new mix-tape and horrible new viral videos every 5 minutes. No hate...I'm just saying though. Not everyone is cut out to be in the entertainment business. There needs to be a gate keeper. Unless you think everything is fine the way it is.

With the above being said...I wish all you inspiring entrepreneurs and dreamer's the best of luck and many blessings. I mean that sincerely! If you have a good ideal, don't be afraid to pursue it! Who knows, you might have the next little Red Box! And the Red Box always has a long line of people waiting to rent dvd's. Ciao!

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