Monday, August 1, 2011

Before I Go

Here's another song off my Nostalgia RED project entitled "Before I Go". I wrote this song while I was in South Africa after I'd taken a tour of Soweto. Soweto's history made me think about life and I already had a lot on my mind. This "Before I Go" isn't about the race riots in Soweto but the history of Soweto definitely inspired me to dig a little deeper and write something a little more personal...which I've gotten better at doing the last few years. I'm a private person.

"Before I Go" was originally produced by Marc Baldwin and released on the AFAR album The Exchange circa 2005. The Exchange LP was released in Japan via Day Track records but never really picked up any steam.

One day I revisited to the song and decided to re-produce the music but keep the lyrics I'd written 4 or 5 years prior. I had the homie DetoxXx come in the studio and play the bass line and the result is what you hear above. Good music!

If you haven't heard my latest project Nostalgia RED, what are you waiting for?! This album was created for the people who miss good music and honest content. I promise you I do not disappoint! You can support my project Nostalgia RED here or go to my home page and download it for free (if you must check it out before you support it)!


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