Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cam Newton - I Am a Campion (Auburn vs Georgia) 2010

At the height of the Cam Newton frenzy in 2010/11, my brother Loc' made this video paying homage to the Auburn Tigers quarterback using a song I penned entitled "Champion". 

Today I received a few emails inquiring about the song "Champion" (which is unmixed) and intended to be on my Paradigm album (which I have not released yet).

I figured I'd share the song with you all since it's already out there in the world. I'm positive the Cam Newton fans and supporters will catch a vibe to the video and like what they see. I'm also sure the Cam Newton haters will have their two cents to say as well. It is what it is!

Whatever the case, I hope you the fans and the hater's of Mr. Newton enjoy the music. The album "Paradigm" will be released eventually. It's already finished.

 Big up to my brother Loc' for always holding me down.


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