Friday, August 26, 2011

Jahah: Playing Around/Nostalgia BLACK Coming Soon

I'm not even close to being a great keyboard player but I do dabble with the black and ivory to produce and write my own material. I've been making music for a long time and the sound of a piano/keyboard gets me open! I just love the sound it makes...especially an old vintage Rhodes! Whew...the wonderfulness!

In 2012 I will release my 4th R&B album entitled Nostalgia BLACK (written and produced by Jaye Berry). I've already recorded 13 songs and I have a few more in the making. One of the songs (in the making) is a song called "Forever". The hook for this song kind of borrows the vamp to the Guy song "Let's Chill". I thought it was cool and didn't sound forced so I went with it. I haven't  produced the beat to this song as of yet. That will happen in the next few days or weeks. Right now I'm working on a futuristic hip-hop album with DJ T-Rock to be released in New Zealand and Germany. There's not enough time in the day it seems.

Okay, enough rambling on my part. I hope you enjoy the clip and I look forward to you all hearing Nostalgia BLACK real soon.

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