Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reebok Classics Presents: Nas "Illmatic" (My Favorite Emcee)

Nasir "NASTY NAS" Jones first album Illmatic is probably my favorite hip hop album of all times. Well that and Midnight Marauder's by A Tribe Called Quest.

When I first heard NAS I was blown away! His lyrical content made me want to step my game up as an emcee and a writer. The way he rhymed over a track was revolutionary in my opinion. He changed the game for other inspiring emcee's and rapper's that were already signed and had albums out. NAS was/is still a dangerous emcee. His creativity and content has always been next level. Just peep "One Love" and "I Gave You Power". C'mon sun!

I believe 1993 is the year Nasir dropped Illmatic and I recall the midnight line at Tower Records (the one that use to be across from Lenox Mall) curving around the building with hip hop heads dying to get their hands on the album. Back then the Internet wasn't popping like it is now and people actually purchased albums. The anticipation for an artist buzzing in the streets like NAS was incredible. Tuesdays use to be great!

I remember partying at the Warehouse off Marrietta Street (my ATL heads remember that) and a NAS record like "The World Is Your's" would come on and Negro's and Wigga's would go ape shit in the place! When I tell you people started "going hard"on the ain't know? Dude really had some juice back then man. Life in the hip hop game was so different. The music felt more organic and was less about a hit record and all the flashy shit. Not that I'm hating on flashy shit and making hit records. Or being successful on another level. I just wish there were more balance on the mainstream level in contemporary music today.
I miss the honesty in music the artist(s) that spoke from an honest place. This feeling may just be me speaking from an older gentleman's perspective. I ain't trying to disrespect our new generation of hip hop heads. They are evidently doing what they feel is hot and some of it ain't all that bad. I rock with a nice handful of these cats.

Anyhow, I was really excited to see that Reebok put together this little interview of NAS discussing his debut album Illmatic. This interview allows you to gain a little insight on the things that took place in Nasir's life while making the legendary album. If you like NAS and artist interviews, you will enjoy this piece here.

For the younger kids coming up in the the older heads and the history of hip hop. Don't neglect where you came from musically. Some of the things you're able to do now were made possible by cats like NAS and Jay-Z (Biggie, 2Pac, Dr. Dre). Without them there may not of been a you!

It's Illmatic baby!

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