Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sade and Watermelon

It's 12:13 in the morning and I've had a very long day! I must tell you that today was a very challenging and mentally draining day to say the least. I somehow managed to get through it and didn't even have to use my AK..."Today Was A Good Day". That's a little Ice Cube for those of you who are what we call "old-school" hip!

So, I notice when I get a little stressed and frustrated I like to listen to my ex-girlfriend Sade. Yeah, I have no hard feelings toward her. It was a amicable separation between the two of us. We were going in different directions. More on that later...

Anyhow, I listen to my ex and all my worries tend to disappear for just a little bit. Sade still soothes my mind, body, and soul. Her voice. The somber music. The combination relaxes me and somehow allows me to take a step back and  reflect. I realize life isn't so bad after a few spins of my ex (most times).

The ironic thing about this is that Sade is singing about some sad sh*t! It's like I tune out the things she's singing about and flip her content into something positive to suit my own needs. Whatever works right?

Tonight I decided that I would combine my Sade experience with some watermelon. A big ole' piece of watermelon at that! There was a point when I couldn't eat watermelon at all. It made me feel nauseous. I've just recently been able to eat watermelon again (after 3 years) and I've been indulging in it big time! For awhile there I was probably the only black person in America who didn't eat watermelon! Ha! I'm just playing. I know plenty of African Americans who do not like or eat watermelon. Don't believe the stereotype. Not even the "Fried Chicken" myth. Don't ask me to name the black people I know who don't eat watermelon either. Watch out now!

Now that I've eaten half a watermelon and listened to Sade's greatest hits all the way through (twice), I 'm feeling better about my day and look forward to tomorrow. I'm momentarily free from the B.S. and ready to take my little bitty a$$ to sleep. I'm also full of watermelon and will probably be using the restroom all night. 
It's all worth it though!

Thank God for Sade and Watermelon. You should try it sometime!



  1. you need to get your head checked. pronto.

  2. I agree Tymm! I'm not right!