Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stop the Violence Performance

No matter how much I achieve I always want to be humble enough to give back to those coming up in the world (or in need). Even if I don't have much to offer...I want to be able to supply someone's heart with what they need. I sincerely mean this.

When I leave this world I don't want people to remember me just for the music I made. No, I want people to remember me for being a good person. A thoughtful human being. A caring individual!

As I've gotten older and had to time to reflect, I realize I've often failed at being a good person to some. There are a few relationships that I wish I would've conducted differently. There are things that I wish I would have said. Things I wish I wouldn't have said (or done). 

In retrospect I realize I hurt some special people without actually knowing I was going to do so. I don't have malice intent in my heart and I don't ever sit around plotting to hurt anyone. However, I am human and make plenty of mistakes. Some I regret. Some I had to endure to get where I am now. Which is still a work in progress!

With that being said, I encourage myself and all of you to work at being a better person. I motivate myself and you to communicate with the people that mean the most to you. Say what it is on your heart but be mindful of the receivers feelings and emotions. Whatever we do, let's not let our difference's produce more violence among each other. We should know by now that war is not the answer. It doesn't do anything but create more turbulence and impetuosity. The only thing that will bring us together is LOVE.

God Bless

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