Friday, August 19, 2011

Good Company: There She Goes Again (NYC 2001)

Back when everything was all good and the music industry was still flourishing...I was part of a collective known as Good Company. G.C. was a live hip hop group that was suppose to rival the infamous and legendary band The Roots. We kind of patterned our direction after The Roots and Slum Village in hopes to take over the world.

Without getting into specifics, G.C. accomplished many things while we were still working together. We were invited to Austin, TX  for SXSW in 2003 and nearly signed to Noontime Entertainment who had distribution through Atlantic. G.C. opened up for several other bands like the Grammy Award winning Arrested Development, The Dave Mathews Band, Case, and Darnell Jones. We really were making a name for ourselves and the phone was starting to ring with executives courting us. Things were looking up!

Unfortunately G.C. fell from grace just as our star began to rise. Tension grew within our circle and G.C. ended abruptly. When things went sour I was devastated but tried not to show it and move on to other things. I've always blamed myself for the way things ended with G.C. because I was the nucleus for all parties involved. I should of taken the time to at least try and smooth things over with the fellas that helped shape who I am today. Instead I just walked away like G.C. never existed. That was me in my youth having too much pride. In recent years I've tried to soak up the past and learn from my experiences. I realize now that everything has a season. Maybe our season was over...God only knows.

Today while searching YouTube I came across some old footage of G.C. in NYC during the Puerti Rican Day Parade (circa 2001). This footage brought back so many good memories that I had to post it on my site.I miss the days when I was free to roam and act reckless! Most importantly I miss my crew and the long dreadlocks dangling from my massive forehead (I still have my dreads in a bag by the way).

It's been 10 years since the video above was recorded and a lot has changed. Some for the better and some for the worst. One thing I know for sure is no one can take away the good memories I have of Good Company! We almost rocked the world...we definitely shook up Atlanta!

Wherever my G.C. brothers are...I miss you...God Bless!

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