Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet Murder by Slim E. Neutron x NOTE

For years I've been friends with a brotha' named C-Note (Darnell Jones) who is a gangsta' rapper and comedian. Note is also a very philosophical cat (whether he believes it or not) with interesting views on people and life. Often times I think he is misunderstood because of his approach but if you read between his lines, the brotha' makes some great points and has some "real" things to say. He just doesn't say things the way society would approve of...if that makes since. 

I believe a lot of us are conditioned to think and act the way society says we should think and act. Note often challenges these beliefs and thinks outside the box. Anytime you think outside the box and form your own opinions, you most likely will receive some detractors. 

Anyhow, the EP Sweet Murder is fun and gangsta in a light manner. If you have an open mind and just listen to the artistic value of this piece of will see why I laughed my ass off several times! Especially when Note says, "Ghost niggas say oooh". C'mon sun...what's not funny about that?!

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