Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Urban Mediamakers Film Festival: Best Music Video "1986"

We have done the unthinkable! UMFF has granted my small team Best Music Video for "1986"! This is my faction's first submission into a film festival competing against other film and music video maker's from around the globe. Even though this is an indie film festival (and we are really green in the video and film world), it feels good to receive some real recognition for all of our hard work. Everything you see or hear from my camp is funded by us. No backers or investors...it's all paid for out of our own pockets and we do what we do because we're passionate about music and video. Hopefully one day the world will be able to hear and view what we do and embrace it on a larger scale! For now I'll consider this a small triumph and take a victory lap. After all, I was at the festival and saw a lot of dope videos...who would of thought?

Big up to Tony Reames for directing the video! Big up to Tymm Hoffman for adding his flavor and graphic work to "1986". I'm gonna big up myself for producing the song and adding my creative input to what became "1986" the video. More importantly, I'd like to thank Tony for being open to my creative and quirky ideas and allowing me to add "My 2 Cents" to the videos we make. We have some more tricks up our sleeve that we have yet to release...good things are brewing!

Big to Nsil, Jerome, Omar, Moody, Dana, Nikole, J. Marie, Angelina and everyone else who has been apart of the Jahah video making experience. You are appreciated!



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