Friday, November 18, 2011

Asparagus Equals Smelly?

Man listen...last night before I got a little faded off of moscato (I know I'm weak for that), I went out and had some grub with the whole family at O'Charley's. It was a nice little break from the norm because I was "stupid hungry" and I didn't feel like going home.

Anyhow, I decided to order some asparagus because I hadn't had any in years. As a matter of fact, I thought they (whoever they is) stopped growing asparagus! I hadn't seen any in so long I just figured asparagus was non-existent. Now I know asparagus is alive and well. I love you asparagus!

Okay back to the point! My point is this: I ordered asparagus (which tasted very good) and then I went home and got comfortable and started drinking wine (which was also very good). After a few glasses of wine, I then had to pee and while doing so I smelled something horrible! I was like what is that! That can't be ya' boy! Oh hell naw sun! Then I stopped and thought about it...asparagus makes your pee stank! Yes, I'd forgotten what asparagus will do to your urine. It will make your urine smell like ass and chips! I know this is T.M.I. but I gotta get it off my chest. It's very necessary that I vent right now. Plus I want to warn all those who enjoy asparagus but haven't had any in a while...BEWARE, ASPARAGUS WILL MAKE YOUR URINE STANK!

Yeah, I know I'm a little off but so are you! Don't you try to act all high and mighty right now. I share my real experiences with the world sucka! This is MY TWO CENTS!

Lastly, I had Salmon, rice pilaf, and some sort of soup with my asparagus. I didn't just order asparagus by itself and get full off that. I just wanted to make myself clear because I know some of you think I've lost it!

Aiight! Happy travels everyone!

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