Monday, November 28, 2011

Jahah and Miss CC LaFlor x iLounge in East Atlanta

The other night (November 27), my sister Miss CC LaFlor and I put on a little show at the iLounge in East Atlanta. After our performance we took a little time out for a Kodak moment...Ya boy just wanted to share the picture above. I haven't been inspired to post much else.

On another note, Miss CC looked great in her dress and all "did up"! Of course I looked regular in my everyday attire (jeans and sneaka's) but I'm comfortable with this uniform. I'm not a blazer kinda' fella. I did have on some crispy new J's though. Does that count?

Anyhow, the show was cool and we had a nice time. Big up to my brother Jay Calvert on background vox and Rod Harris on guitar. The acoustic performances are fun to do. I enjoy them. More to come people!


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