Monday, November 7, 2011

Real Thugs Watch Puss In Boots

The other night I saw the movie "Puss In Boots" and I thought the film was pretty cool. Especially since my seed got into it. If you're a parent then I bet you feel me here.

On another note, Antonio Banderas does his thang' and so does Selma Hayek. If you like cartoon animation and fun little family films, this joint will work for you. If you're super hard and always pissed off at life, I don't suggest you go and see this movie. It will only make you "more" upset about the way your life is turning out. You may need therapy because some of you are real hard on the outside but soft as dookie on the inside. Not the constipated dookie though. You should be laughing right now chumps!

Anyhow, go enjoy this film. Get it on bootleg if you have to. Sneak your Canon 7D inside the movie theater and film the film. You may go to jail for doing so but at least you can say you took a risk in life. Plus your "hard". Remember that?! Go head' then 4 Pac! 

Also, go download my latest offering Nostalgia (RED) here so you can vibe with me. Ciao!

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