Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RIP To A Inspiration: Heavy D

Heavy D's death has got me feeling some kind of way inside. It's not like I knew the brotha' but I did grow up on his vibes. I have a lot of memories that include Heavy D's music. For me this loss just let's me know that our time is coming (for all of us). Heavy D's death hits home because I grew up watching him and I danced to his music. Recited his lyrics and have tried to emulate his success in the music industry.

I guess my generation is making the transition and new faces will replace us. Heavy D is a decade older than me but I had a great opportunity of seeing and watching him become a star. Just like I had the opportunity to see MJ (who was already a star). I guess it just hits home because these are people you just assume will always be around as long as you're around. Today I realize (even more) that this is not the case. Some day God will pull all of our cards.

RIP and God Bless.

One of my favorite Heavy D records. I don't care if it was soft and mellow. I felt this thang!

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