Friday, November 18, 2011

Rock Most featuring Jahah: Pass Em By (Official Video)

Here's the new video for the single "Pass Em' By" from my big homie Rock Most! I'm featured on this record singing the chorus and spitting the 3rd verse. I also produced the song.

Initially I sent this record (the beat) to Shyan Selah with the chorus recorded and I didn't get a response back. I figured Shyan wasn't digging the record and didn't wanna shut me down. However, I understand that not everyone is going to feel what I do creatively so I wouldn't have been offended if my big bro Shyan wasn't feeling it. Let down is a big part of the music business. I've experienced my share of let downs across the board. Just like most of you have.

Me personally...I liked the beat and the chorus a lot. Musically this beat was a different approach for me as a producer so I decided that I would send it (the beat) to Rock Most. I honestly didn't think Rock Most would like the beat either because  I heard most of his album before it was released and my work (as a producer) is totally different than his work as a producer (and the sound I heard on his album). I also, didn't want to fit in with the other producer's who contributed to Rock Most's album so I decided to take a risk and send him "Pass Em' By".

A day or two after I sent Rock the beat he sent me his verses (completed) and asked me to spit something for the 3rd verse. I was pleasantly surprised that he liked the record and that his "turn around" was so fast! He went in immediately and put in work!

After Rock Most releases his album (Rise & Shine), I got word that the song I produced would be his second single. Once the "Pass Em' By" was started charting on college radio and currently sits at number 2. I think this is pretty cool for 2 cats who never actually got in the studio together but used the Internet to communicate and put out music. It just goes to show that technology has come a long way. Now we're able to create magic without even seeing each other; even though I do believe a producer and the artist(s) should be in the same room more often than not. I can't replace the human experience for a cyber space experience! Music should still feel organic and human (honest).

Anyhow, enjoy the video and support indie artist(s). We do this for the love but we wanna' keep the lights on too. 

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