Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Allen Stone: Unaware - Live From His Mother's Living Room

Wow! What can I say man...This cat Allen Stone and his faction of musicians have produced some heat! Some real soul for the masses. The music doesn't sound forced and Allen's voice is naturally soulful without pushing himself or trying too hard. I tip my cap to this fella. I'm impressed to say the least.

My Two Cents: 

I believe Allen Stone has two or maybe three great things going for him. 1) He can actually sing and the songs I've heard from him are well written and produced. 2) He's a white man creating and performing music that most people (black and white) would consider to be a black thang'. The "On Snap" factor will continue to follow him as he provides us with more good music. 3) He's from Washington State and I've always believed that Washington had remarkable talent. This state is just waiting to blow up on the national scene with an urban act. This cat Allen Stone maybe the guy who takes Washington State to new heights musically. Time will tell.

Yesterday I was in the lab and I was put on to Allen Stone via my cousin Henny from Tha Bizness (They have a new site up too so make sure you check that out) and I started thinking to myself, "This cat Allen Stone has more soul than Trey Songs, Chris Brown, Omarion, Joe, Tank, and Usher put together"! Then my mind went a little deeper and I thought, "Why don't black people embrace their own music the way white people embrace our music"? Black people wouldn't support a black man or woman creating this type of soul music if the music industry paid them to do so! 

My other beef is this: When Robin Thicke and/or Justin Timberlake release an album, the machine gets behind them. Tons of money is thrown towards their projects in efforts to make sure these two cats have successful albums on the charts etc. Don't get me wrong people, I'm a fan of Robin and Justin but the budgets they receive versus a budget Melanie Fiona receives is night and day. The budget Anthony Hamilton receives versus the budget Allen Stone has the potential to receive will be night and day! I understand that every artists (black or white) is signed under different terms and situations but you'd be a fool to think the playing field is even.

Lastly, I believe that the above would all change if black people supported black music. I'm not talking about Gucci Mane and Waka Flaka either. I'm not hating on these negro's but that shit is garbage man. Their numbers aren't as big as you might think either. I realize the music industry is in business to make money  but black music/artists have lost their soul and their integrity for the almighty dollar (which is in a serious state of decline). Not everything we do should be about money! Some of these executives running the music game have the power to make changes and they have the relationships to make sure there's more balance via our airwaves and other media outlets. These executives have the force to make sure more positive messages and diverse music are heard on radio, film, and TV. You see, I'm not fooled by the so-called chaos that comes with the music business. I get the game and how you have to play it in order to be successful. I've always had a hard time faking anything and that's my problem I suppose. I'm not a "Fake It To You Make It" kind of dude. I'm not an ass kisser and in a lot ways this is who you have to be in order to attain a certain amount of success in America. This subjective opinion of mine reaches across the board to corporate jobs and retail jobs. Ass kisser's and Yes Men are everywhere and they often win when their not qualified to do so. They just kiss an ass good!

Anyhow, big up's to Allen Stone and his movement! I'm feeling the music and the vibes that he and his team are presenting to the world. I'm rooting for this cat and feel like the world is his oyster! White and black folks will be lining up to see this guy...well maybe not black folks. Allen Stone is too soulful!

God bless

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