Sunday, December 18, 2011

Common: The Dreamer The Believer

This new Common really makes sense to me right now! I mean it's typical Common with a social or conscious outlook but that's what I've always dug about this cat. He maintains his integrity and I think that's something a lot of black men don't have enough of. Integrity!

Also, No I.D. is back in the production seat and no matter what you might think...Common and No I.D. have great musical chemistry! Just go back and listen to "Resurrection" and you'll understand what I'm talking about. No I.D. is a beast on the beats and this new Common LP reassures that for me. 

On another note, today's contemporary urban music (black music) feels so fabricated and impersonal in my opinion. Though I like to be entertained by some of the B.S. radio forces us to hear (when we do turn on the radio), I yearn for a little more balance when it comes to music and what I listen to. A lot of times I feel like I've heard the same album by 10 different people. Today's artist all have the same writer's and producer's so all the music (in my opinion) ends up sounding the same. No matter who's singing or rapping over the beat. It's the same ole redundant shit...This Common joint is refreshing.

So, if you're in to killing nigga's on wax and committing genocide (which I've never condoned cause I love my people) this Common album is really not for you! However, if you're simply someone who wants to hear something that may possibly uplift you or something that comes from an honest place...this album is definitely for you! I believe it's an album you can play from beginning to end.

No look heard, I know the younger hip-hop generation has no respect (not all of them) for the generation that came before them but  I want to leave these kids with this: You'll never get to where you wanna go if you don't know where you came from. If you just open your mind up you'll find that the world is so much bigger than your little hood/projects and there's way more to be seen and learned in this world than what you think you know. 

I pray for all of us but I really pray for our youth because we are depending on them to continue our legacy.

God bless

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