Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jahah "Get It In" Official Video

This is the official video for my song "Get It In" off of my project Nostalgia RED! We shot this video awhile back and I decided to release it today (just because).

This video was shot in one room (the same room). All we did was changed the lights out with different color light bulbs and I shed a few items of clothing. My team and I (The Feel) were going for our idea of an EPMD video from back in the day. We decided to add text and some camera flares for effects...just to make it look more yummy!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this song and this video. We work hard at we do and would love your support if you are feeling it.

Nostalgia RED is available via itunes here and on this site for free .99! What are you waiting for?! Go...


  1. B.O.C. Good looking out bro! You can download the album for free on the home page. I see you rep Wash. State...That's what's up homie!