Thursday, January 26, 2012

Southern Dope x Jahah

I received a nice little write up concerning my song and video "Bare My Heart" from SOUTHERN DOPE today! Read below or check me out on their site by clicking the pic above.

Southern Dope:

Jahah is a man who has experienced much, from already putting out 3 solo efforts since he got started in 2002 with his debut Ear For Music, to working with the likes of Big RubePinkSpeech(Arrested Development),  and many many others. In other words, the producer/emcee/singer/songwriter, repping the A-Town, has already earned his veteran status when it comes to his involvement in the music.

Now the beyond talented singer is back and ready to do some damage in 2012 with a 4th studio album in the works entitled Nostalgia (BLACK) and some new visuals to accompany it. Check out"Bare My Heart," a heartfelt Hip-Hop-laced R&B joint with a sample from the Run DMC classic"Here We Go." In the video Jahah puts on the impromptu image of the starving artist strolling the streets of Atlanta, even though that might not exactly have been the case according to how he posts it on his website (

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