Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Urban Music Scene

I leaked my song "Bare My Heart" about a month ago and it's slowly picking up steam via the blogs and Internet radio. One site that has featured me in their monthly "New Voices to Watch Out For" is

It's always cool when people I've never met or had any form of contact with enjoy my music and post positive things about me (or in this case "Bare My Heart"). I know when this happens the comments made aren't bias and the people posting my music are coming from an honest place. That's a great feeling because I do work hard at what I present to you all creatively. I work really hard and lose plenty of sleep!

Anyhow, I hope and pray "Bare My Heart" continues to grow and make headlines! I claim that it will. I feel like something great is going to happen to me and my music! 

Lastly, I almost wasn't going to use "Bare My Heart" for my forthcoming project "Nostalgia BLACK". I'd played this song (BMH) and many other records for my big bro Jay Calvert a few months back in the studio and he said it was a decent album track but not a standout track (which it still very well may be). I then played some of my songs for an old buddy of mine (John Barber) and he said it was one of his favorites (if not his favorite) out of all the songs I played for him and gave me several reasons why.

With the above being said, I decided to leak the song myself and see what type of feedback it would achieve (if any at all). So far the response has been stellar and plenty of blogs oversea's (especially Spain) have been picking up this tune and posting it on their website's. 

I hopefully I can get some muscle behind this song and project (investment) so I can take things to the next level. I feel like I deserve to be on radio and with the like's of Anthony Hamilton and cats like Musiq Soulchild. I good for a shot at the top!

For those who haven't heard BMH...just click play below! Also, take a look at my feature via and drop a comment or two!

Stay Blessed!

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