Monday, February 13, 2012

Chris Brown x Tha Bizness = Grammy

Last night was a great night for me in many ways! For one, I did my first radio interview for my forthcoming album Nostalgia BLACK and found out that Cathy from Maine has a little crush on me after hearing my song Bare My Heart. Secondly, my lil' cuz' (Henny from Tha Bizness) and his production partner Dow won a Grammy after Chris Brown received "Best R&B Album" for his latest "F.A.M.E. LP." You see, Tha Bizness produced the record "No Bullsh*t" and the rest is history!

If you'd like to check out Tha Bizness click here and peep their discography! These cats have been putting in work for a while and I'm very excited for them and what's to come. They have some big records brewing that you all are going to love!

Big up to my Fresh Coast brethren that continue to dream big! Tha Bizness production duo are living proof that nothing is impossible! I have officially become re-inspired!

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