Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hip Hop Sound Radio Chart

I was sent this chart today reflecting where I stood on the hipsound.blogspot.com chart and felt rather great about landing at number 8. 

You see, when people you've never met like and push your music you know there isn't any bias intent going on. There are no "Yes Men". My opinion is this: People you've never met don't care about whether or not they hurt your feelings. To them they either like what they hear or they don't. It's that simple. If it's dope to their ears they'll listen and play it. If it's wack to their ears...well...you know the rest.

Anyhow, I've been getting a lot of positive feedback (not to brag) about my song "Bare My Heart" and I just wanna thank everyone who has supported me over the years and my tune "BMH." I feel like something great is going to come out of this and I know God is doing some work behind the scenes to get me there.

Thanks to my team as well: Tony Reames, Jay Calvert, Shane Mills, Angelina Cook, Laci (the Fresh Coast), and brotha' Nsil for all the hard work you put in on my behalf. I don't take you for granted.

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