Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shantis Atlanta Dymes Shoot x Jahah "Bare My Heart"

Big up to the homie Randal Dunn over at Atlanta Dymes for using my music as the back drop to Shantis's photo shoot! I'm honored to be involved and hope you all like what you see and hear when you click the play button. I know most of the fellas shouldn't be mad at all!

"Bare My Heart" will be available on Itunes tomorrow for those who like to support up and coming artist. Purchasing my song will only cost you one American dollar and I would be very appreciative if you did so! There are other ways to get this tune for the free-ski but I will not tell you how. I'm sure you know how to find out without me giving you any suggestions (smile).

Anyhow, have a blessed week and continue to spread love.


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