Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Note: DSA/Unleashed (Directed By: The Feel)

I had the opportunity to co-direct a video (with my homie Tone/one half of The Feel) for a good friend of mine who goes by the name of Note. 

Note is originally from Cleveland, Ohio but has been residing in San Diego, California for the past several years. 

I met Note when I first moved to Atlanta in 1993 and though he and I make two different styles of music, we both respect each other's work and work ethic. 

The one thing I've always liked about Note is that he says what he feels (in his own way) and doesn't really care if you don't agree with him. He's his own man with his own opinions and makes solid points that he can actually back up with intelligent conversation. 

In my eyes this guy is much more than a gangsta' rapper and hopefully the video above will showcase Note in a new light. Hopefully this video will allow his viewers to gain a new perspective of him visually...that's what we aim for.

Anyhow, click that play button and check out my homie Note (Nigga On The Edge)!

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