Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jahah Releases "Falling" from Nostalgia BLACK

This is the cover art for my new song "Falling". As some of you know I have been diligently working on my project Nostalgia BLACK and hope to have the entire album available for your listening consumption by the end of Summer. "Falling" will be included on this album and I've already started shooting scenes for the video as of last weekend.

This particular song is one I wrote from an honest place. I'd say an unfamiliar place at that. The record deals with a real life situation that I did not expect to happen or even evolve. I suppose that sometimes in life we can't avoid certain things or people that cross our paths. No matter how disciplined or focused one has typically been, there are times when we don't have the strength to fight the inevitable. If the situation makes us feel really good we often times can't defend ourselves from loving it either. In my case I decided to indulge in the female delicacy that stood before me and fell in love. 

From the start our conversations were natural and unforced. Our chemistry was instant and there wasn't any awkward silence among us. Our talks were lengthy and comedic as well as serious and in depth whenever necessary. This young lady immediately made me feel like I was at home. I was comfortable in her presents and I knew I was free to be nothing but myself. She had the power of making me feel like a little kid again and during our time spent together I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I never wanted to come down from this enormous high. My bond with her transformed me and made me feel like I was reborn. I had new life and nothing was impossible when she and I were at our best. It's the type of  feeling you can't pay for. The feeling that some individuals may never experience and a feeling I truly I miss and wish I could always have. The butterflies, the passion, and the exhilarating sensation of being wanted by someone you desire just as much. 

I sometimes reflect on the first time our lips touched and I remember how magical that moment felt for both of us. Her kisses were like nothing I ever tasted and her beauty was something I was immensely attracted to. The little gap between her teeth made me want to smile and her voice was like a symphonic overture. I enjoyed hearing her speak and I was smitten by her in more ways than she'll ever know. I simply became ecstatic about everything she had to offer. What's not to love about a beautiful woman who is intelligent, articulate, considerate, and giving? Even her imperfections became attractive. I guess it's safe to say that this woman made me want to do things for her (and to her) that I'd never done with or for anyone else. I was shook, possibly pussy whooped and head over-heels like never before. A n.i.k.k.a. was "Falling"!

I feel like my journey with love has been an interesting one because I don't fall in love easily! I haven't been in love but a once or twice and I'm not in love with the ideal of being in love at all. Of course I like to show love and be shown love but I believe we as people more often than not misuse the phrase "I Love You". We often times sling "I Love You" around like we do the "...and shit". For example: "I'm about to go to the store and shit"! We say that so effortlessly and it means nothing. I guess my point is this...I don't ever say "I Love You" unless I really mean it. To me those three little words mean so much. Love is forever! Lust is just for the moment.

I didn't intend on writing a book here tonight but my juices are flowing and I guess I just needed to get a few things out of my system. Maybe this post is more for me than it is for you. Maybe I just like seeing my thoughts in black in white dancing around the page. Whatever the case, I will admit that blogging can sometimes be therapeutic for a brotha' like myself.

For the past few years I've been feeling a little empty in the middle and I've been holding a lot inside. It's been difficult for me to trust and confide in anyone and that bothers me. I don't have a "go to" person I can really share my inner most thoughts with. Perhaps that's why I wrote and produced "Falling". For the first time in a long time I felt the way I always wanted to feel. I didn't have a choice but to write and sing about  what I was going through. As men we sometimes tend to hold our emotions inside because we're all suppose to be tough guys! We're all suppose to be thugged out but even the hardest n.i.k.k.a needs love. You see, I'm far from being a bitch but I'm not afraid to show or say what is really on my heart (anymore). I sing and speak about what I really feel and I hope you enjoy the out pourings of my soul. Never be afraid to fall... Even if you've been hurt in the past.

Spread love!

P.S. The girl in the pic is just a friend. This pic was taken on set for a video...I liked the look of it. Simple.

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