Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jahah "Falling"

Well here it is! My new release entitled "Falling" from my next project Nostalgia BLACK. I've been working hard and preparing an album that my peers can relate to as well as the younger kids for about a year now. My project is reminiscent of what R&B use to be and my goal is to convey the emotion and soul that the music use to provide us. I believe in my heart that I have accomplished this feat and with God's blessings I can't lose. All I really wanna do is His will anyway. I feel like in many ways I've already won!

So what are you waiting for people?! Click play and reflect on your past and remember the first time you fell in love. Hopefully this record feels good to you and takes you back to those innocent days when life was know, when all you had to do was take out the garbage and wash the dishes.The days when all you had to do is keep ya' room clean and day dream about that special crush...or crushes!

Spread Love!

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