Monday, August 27, 2012

The Making of "Living" by Arrested Development

I've been blessed with some great opportuniies in my life time and one of those opps was to co-direct a video for the 2 time Grammy award winning group Arrested Development. I've been able to be involved on many levels during the directing of "Living" and "Raga..." performed by AD.

The clip above is a little behind the scene's footage of brotha Speech, my team (The Feel/Memory Wedge/Cranium Purge), and Arrested Development during the filming of "Living".

Most of the footage you'll see was shot by me for the documentary aspect of what we do for video's and musically. You will see me pop my big head on screen several times as I narrate what we are about to embark on.

This footage is fun and lighthearted and I hope you all really enjoy it!

So...stop reading my rambling and press play!

Spread love!

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