Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dragon-Con x Jahah

This Labor Day weekend I had the opportunity to attend Dragon-Con for the first time and it was super cool! I enjoyed watching the people who dressed up and those who didn't (if you know what I might be saying)!

I'd been hearing about Dragon-con for years and never attended the function because I was told by my so-called normal friends that it was just a bunch of freaks and weirdo's who attend this event. Maybe it was peer pressure that prevented me from going in the past but this year I was down to finally experience and see what this damn thing was/is all about! I could care less what someone else says or thinks about me for doing so. After all, most of these clowns are not friend worthy and more than just a little judgemental...people...I tell ya'.

Anyhow, Dragon-con takes place in Atlanta, Georgia and spans through 4 different hotels downtown. I was told that over 200,000 people attend this event and it was evident to me that Dragon-Con is a hit! Not just with white people (as I expected) but with all walks of life. I saw and chilled with people from all over the world participating in a peaceful event that brought happiness to many. It was nuts mannnnnn!

One of the highlights for me was meeting Lou Ferrigno (Hulk) and Anthony Michael Hall (Weird Science). When I was a kid I was scared of the Hulk but enticed by this green dude as well. I feared him but dug his strength as well. As for Anthony Hall...Weird Science (the movie) was and still is the shit! I really like watching that movie to this day. It's a classic man...a pure classic! Seeing these two cats was a little surreal cause I still pictured Lou as being green and Anthony as a little teenager. Both of these cats are up there in age now...not hella old but ya' know...up there!

For those of you who have heard about Dragon-Con but are skeptical about going because of the negative rumors...let that shit go! Open your mind up and attend this event. It's not a nerd/gay/freakshow event like I have been told in the past. I brought my sun with me and he loved it! I wouldn't bring my sun to a freakshow so get over the bull and get it in with me next year!

I doubt i'll get all dressed up but I will have my video camera on deck to document this experience. Big up to one of my favorite people (Tony Reames) for inviting me and my sun out to this event. Another shout out to Little Evan and Quinn for hanging with Mr. JB!

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