Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nostalgia BLACK: Get Ready!

Hey, are you ready for some Soul? Damn it are you ready to hear some music that'll make you feel good inside like ya' mama's cooking? Better yet, are you ready to hear and consume an artist that sings from the heart and doesn't use pitch correction to make them sound like a got' damn' robot from the planet of "What Hell Is This Shit"?  

Well if you're ready and feel good, open up your eye's and ear's to Jahah because I promise to bring you nothing but classic Soul and R&B with my new project Nostalgia BLACK!

The fact is, I did not produce and write this album with the thought of becoming rich off of it. I mean, if the money comes that will be an added plus! However, I know Euro-Pop is what's winning across the board right now. I'm not an idiot. I just know my heart (musically) is in a different space at the moment.

You see, I made this album for the fans of classic Soul and R&B music. The listener's over 25 (more than likely 30 now) who grew up on artists like Jodeci, Mary J Blidge, and the monster group Guy. This project Nostalgia BLACK is for my grown and sexy brotha's and sista's who make an honest living and don't mind going back to basics (or their roots) musically. I created and gave birth to this project for the sake "My Generation" and these little ones that are coming up now! This project is for the people!

If you're new to me (Jahah) and my sound or what I intend on bringing you musically...Please peep out my song and video "Bare My Heart". This particular record is a true testament to the sound I'm creating in the studio...It's only the beginning!

Nostalgia BLACK coming soon! Real Soon! 

Spread Love Ya'll

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