Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jahah: Happy (Exclusive)

This is my first post of the New Year (2013). I've been going through a lot personally and I just needed some time to do some soul searching. I needed the space to re-evaluate my life and the decisions I've made and will be making in the near future. I became a recluse confined to my little hiding spot...

During my reclusiveness I lost my cousin Edison Tyrone Brown to a stroke/aneurysm. Ty was more like a brother to me and his untimely transition opened up my eyes (even more) and put a lot of things in perspective. I realize now (more than ever), that our time here on earth is short. The things that we stress ourselves out about while we're living most likely don't mean much when we're gone. The reality that tomorrow is never promised means so much more to me now-a-days and for the first time in a long time I'm working on me without worrying about what someone else might think or say. I'm no longer doing favors for those who take my kindness for a weakness. I will no longer be taken advantage of or feel as if I'm being used for my talents to help someone else (or faction) prosper! My time is now and the is my renaissance!

For those who follow my work and my music, I'd like for you to hear my first release from my new project Nostalgia BLACK entitled "Happy".

I chose "Happy" as my first release because this is what I ultimately strive to be. Plus I wrote this tune when I truly felt as if I was sincerely happy. I was "alive" during this time and had that I can do the impossible feeling running through my veins. This dose of happy is addictive but for me it didn't last. I lost my happy and a few other things/people that are dear to me but I'll always have the memories. I will always have the good times and the thoughts that essentially changed my life.

No one ever said that love was perfect or came without side effects. I've learnedover the past few years that love is simple and as humans make it difficult and complex. If we communicate with our companions and discuss our likes and differences with them...keeping love together shouldn't ever be a problem. Relationships and love can sometimes be a lot of  hard work but nothing good comes easy!

With that being I choose me! I choose to be free and at peace with who I've become. After all, I cannot go back and change or undo anything in my past. Time keeps on spinning and right now I'm truly "Happy" with what I feel the future holds.

Spread Love!


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