Friday, April 26, 2013

Jahah x The Indigo

As I prepare for the new shows I have coming up...I'm starting to look back on past shows I've done and critique them so I can put together better shows in the future.

One particular performance that went very well is the last show I did at The Indigo Bar. The reason this performance stands out (to me) is because I invited some of my friends on stage to perform with me. This was not planned to happen but I feel like the impromtu performance showcased not only my friends but the fun/passion we all have for good music.
Alot of us (local musicians from Atlanta) have been on the grind for a long time. A great deal of us have had records deals and made it through the trenches of the music business. Despite our struggles or stresses concerning the business...we've managed to keep our dreams alive and continue to pursue our passion(s). The music business is not a easy game to be involved with and it's definitely not for the weary hearted. Thick skin is a must in this dirty game of lights, camera, action!

With the above being said, I thought I'd re-post my/our performance at The Indigo Bar in hopes that this footage may inspire and motivate you to come see me/us perform in the near future. I have plenty of dates lined up and I will release that information as soon as the ink is dry. I learned that I must wait for the business end of things to be complete before I start spreading the already know!

Lastly, you will see front man Ric (from Dukes Of Daville - once signed to Capitol Records), Joe (from American Idol), Miss CC LaFlor (from The Dungeon Family) and Jay Calvert (a black Country Singer), and myself jamming to together in the footage above.

I hope you enjoy! Spread love ya'll!

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