Friday, May 17, 2013

Jahah - Doin' It (Street Sessions)

God is great! For the past week and some change I've had the flu and couldn't sing at all! My voice was gone and I had a serious phlegm and snot problem which prevented me from hitting my little high notes. My main fear during this time was that I would let my big bro Speech down by not being able to perform. I didn't want to disappoint anyone so I pushed myself all week to prepare for last night. I wasn't 100% but I managed to pull it off and not embarrass myselfll.

Earlier in the week I claimed and vowed to perform whether I had a voice or not. This is the first time (in all the years that I've been performing) that I've actually lost my voice before a upcoming show! I didn't know what to do so I had tons of green tea, echinacea, Ricola, and Thera Flu. Two days before the show I could hum...then a day before the show I could actually reach a little higher vocally. More importantly I stayed positive and didn't let the devil mess with my head...I was focused!

Because I couldn't rehearse prior to last night, Brandon (the guitar player) and myself got together an hour before I was scheduled to perform and rehearsed outside of the venue. What you will see in this particular video is Brandon and I going over the arrangement of "I'm Doing" which will be on my upcoming project Nostalgia BLACK.

We're not "Going All Out" here in the video but I do feel like Tony captured an honest moment when things are natural and authentic. That's what music should be about...nothing is perfect in it's truest form.

Have a good weekend ya'll!

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