Monday, August 12, 2013

Jahah x Neo2Soul

I've been doing my fare share of promo and marketing for my latest musical project entitled Nostalgia BLACK. In the process I have been able to build some great relationships with blogger's, promoter's, and music business creatives whom I've never met before. God has been very good and things are going well for an artist who no longer has a machine (a record deal) to push him financially.

One of the new relationships I've built is with a brother named Godfrey Fletcher who is definitely out to boost and uplift good independent musicians and artist across the globe. Godfrey resides overseas in the UK and has shown me a lot of support via his site Neo2Soul which I find to be amazing. 

Godfrey has been promoting and marketing me overseas (where I receive the most support) and putting me on to several more artists that are super dope! I mean, there are some seriously talented vocalist and musicians that deserve waaay' more light in today's music business. Godfrey is doing his part to make sure that these creative and unique artists are heard and well respected...I love what this man is doing for music! I wish the US wasn't so closed minded...real musicianship and singing still exist...

Anyhow, I just wanted to build on the good vibes I've been receiving globally and put you on to Neo2Soul where I have a nice little write up about me and my music.

Big up to the UK, New Zealand, and Australia for all the love and support! You are appreciated!

Spread Love!

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