Friday, January 3, 2014

Soul Music (Official Music Video)

Growing up I was exposed to all kinds of music. My dad loves jazz and could care less if someone is actually singing over a bed of instrumentation. I believe it is the musicianship that he truly enjoys and I feel like my pops provided me with my musical foundation.

On the other hand my mother was (and still is) more into the Motown sound and the artists and groups of that time. To this day I can still recall her playing the Temptations and groups like The Delfonics over and over again. This was the kind of music my mother would play while cleaning the house every Saturday and ultimately it is this genre of music that inspires me in our contemporary times.

Soul music is what I truly feel and I my goal is to continue making music that is honest to me and provides the listen with real emotion. I don't ever want to create music that isn't me and doesn't not represent what I stand for. Don't get me wrong, I want to make money doing what I'm passionate about but I do not want to sell my soul for the almighty dollar. I'm about the music first!

With the above being I present to you my new music video for my song "Soul Music"! This song is off of my recent release Nostalgia BLACK and can be found here on iTunes. 

In this video I feature my father, my mother, and a host of friends and family that have supported me throughout my life and musical journey. I'm proud of this song and the visuals that accompany it. This creation has taken me and the director Tony Reames a long time to fulfill. However, we completed our mission and I believe our time is now!

Lastly, if you like what you see and hear...please support me and my efforts by purchasing the song via iTunes. I'd love to give everything I do away but black music has become very disposable and we as independent artists work very hard to provide the world with positive vibes and good music.

No more marginal results! I thank you in advance and wish you all a very Happy New Year! 

Spread Love!

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