Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jahah "Soul Music" x Breaking Artist (UK)

Big up to for supporting and providing your boy with a little UK love! 

It's amazing how much more the good folks over in Europe appreciate soul music. They (Europeans) get behind artists and musicians that can really sing and play instruments. They appreciate good music that comes from the soul and isn't necessarily all about money, cars, and hoes. I'm not saying that all Europeans vibe to the same beat or style of music but from what I can see and tell (from touring oversea's), a lot of people on this side of the globe have a fever for traditional black soul.

Anyhow, the above is all subjective and for all intensive own selfish opinion. It is what it ya'll. I realize that we (the people) don't have any control over the images and sounds that ultimately become national (or global) phenomenons.  Dead Prez what's proclaimed: It's Bigger Than Hip Hop! Ya' damn right! IT's bigger than us all...

One love to Break Artists in the UK!

Spread Love!!!

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