Thursday, September 29, 2011

"I'm Like..." - BIGREC feat. Jawz Of Life & Jahah (prod. by Big Rus)

As some of you know, I sing (not just rhyme) and record chorus's for other emcee's. Just call me the new "Underground Hook Man". I've been recording vocals for emcee's in New York, Florida and California as of late. They phone has been ringing and I've keep picking up!

The song you'll hear above is from the New Orleans native Big Rec! I met Big Rec after one of my performances awhile back. He informed me that he dug my show and wanted me to slide through the studio to lay down some vocals for his new mix-tape. I ended up lending my vocals to 3 different Big Rec tunes and one of those songs is "I'm like..." (the song above).

Anyhow, big up to the talented and creative Big Rec and his crew The Five! These guys are up next and I truly believe something big is going to happen for them. They are organized and really making a name for themselves on the streets of Atlanta.

Check out Big Rec's new project RHHIB The Directive for the realness!

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