Friday, September 23, 2011

Urban Mediamakers Film Festival x 1986

The Urban Mediamakers Film Festival has selected my video "1986" Directed By: Tony Reames to be showcased on October 14th at the Red Clay Theatre and Arts Center (Georgia).  

I've never been to a film festival so I'm really not sure what to expect or how this festival thing works. Hell, I've never submitted anything to a film festival up until now. I actually didn't submit to this UMFF festival either. I think Tony or Glenna did and now my video "1986" has been selected. 

The great thing about this video is that I totally stepped back and said, "Tony work your magic! Do what you see in your head visually and I won't intervene at all". That was hard for me to do because I'm a hands on kind of guy but over the years I've been learning to relax and take notes and direction as opposed to always being the driver. I'm excited for Tony and his accomplishments because he's come a long way. His dreams are becoming his realities (we have a lot in-store that people don't even know about). Big up's to you Tony Reames! I'm happy and proud of you bro bro!

Lastly, I can't forget the homie Tymm Hoffman because he contributed a lot to the video "1986" as well. A lot of the work you see in the video is Tymm's doing. You get big up's too!

If you haven't seen "1986", say no more! Just click the play button below and go!

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