Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mission Impossible 4

When I have down time I like to keep my mind occupied because I start over thinking things. I'm always in my own head and I really start to bug out! Behind my smile there's a lot going on that I won't ever show.

With that being said, I thought I would go check out Mr. Tom Cruise and his new movie Mission Impossible 4 tonight. I'm not a huge fan of Cruise but I do like that Mrs. Paula Patton! She's a beast and will definitely allow me to escape for an hour or so...Did you see Mrs. Paula Patton in the new Robin Thicke video?! Dude!

Anyhow, if you've seen this flick and it sucks...please let a brotha' know before I go out and spend my hard earned $6.00! Yeah, I said it! It's $6.00 Tuesdays at Regal Cinemas playa'. Tuesday's are my big day to hit the movies and splurge out! Baller shit! Ha! Who am I kidding? A small popcorn with a drink still cost $30.00. Imagine if I took someone with me. That's a $60.00 night and you don't even speak to each other. Damn, I need to start/open up a movie theater!

So, if the movie is weak, somebody holla' at me and let a brotha' know! I'd rather know in advance so I can wait and spend my $6.00 on a number 2 at Chick-Fil-a! I'll take extra Polynesian sauce with that too!

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