Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks the Internet

To all my fellow musicians, blogger's, Internet business owner's, and people who just want to have the freedom to use your right to speak out with out our "non-amazing" government censoring you...the above clip may be of interest to you!

I love my country but something has got to give! As of right now I'm searching for America! I'm looking for all the things I was taught America stood for when I was in grade school. I'm searching for the dreams and social standards America brainwashed me and millions of other's to believe as children.

I don't write this with malice in my heart! I write this with concern and with hopes that the American dream (if there ever was one) is not dead. I feel we rely and expect too much from our politicians and government. Do these old men and women really have the little man/woman's back? Think about it and ask yourself: Do you really feel secure in the greatest country in the world? Homelessness! Unemployment! Civil War?! Yes, there's a war going on right here in our backyard and we're trying to civilize other counties? We can't even civilize our own country damn it! Our government doesn't want to civilize it's own country because they don't care about the hood. These are simply just project (The Projects).

Anyhow, I don't know much about anything so I will just stop rambling and pray that someone with some common sense and a heart for the people will come along and fix things for all of us (yeah right).

Much love to you beautiful people!

God Bless you and America (The Land of the Free).

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