Monday, August 8, 2011

1986 Episode I: I'm Bringing 1986 Back!

People that know me well understand that I'm not a very serious person (most of the time). I do know how to tone it down but for the most part I like to act up! In a good way...nothing too crazy sun!

In an effort to support my first hip-hop project Nostalgia RED, my team and I are bringing back 1986 with our campaign "1986 Is Back"! We will begin to release short viral videos with friends and family talking about (and describing) events that took place to them and/or our nation circa 1986. This should be a hoopla of fun and you know I like to have a good time! All day...

The first viral video is of myself (of course) and I'm leading it all off with some classic Jahah comedic ignorance! I will have some serious moments but not too many. I'll leave the seriousness to my friends and family who don't seem to laugh anymore. Me myself, I just get in front of the camera and ramble. I do that well.

The video for 1986 is completed and will be released soon! I can't wait for you all to see it! The directors of the video (Ynot and Mmyt) took a different approach and I think it's one of the best videos (on my behalf) that we've shot to date. I'm confident my core fans will love it! I believe I will make a lot of new fans after they see the video and hear the song! It's classic material baby!

Get ready for 1986! I'm bout' to take you back Jack!

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